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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Puerto Rican Flutist - Josué Casillas

Trust Toccata to add sparkle to this star spangled weekend from Incline Village to South Shore.

First, the audience helps kick off the sixth annual 21-concert 2011 Big Blue Summer MusicFest by singing the National Anthem along with members of Toccata's orchestra and chorale under the direction of Maestro James Rawie.

Second, a Puerto Rican Pied Piper returns to the Lake Tahoe Basin to gather music lovers for the Baroque to Broadway concert series, beginning Saturday, July 2,

Audiences have appreciated the talents of acclaimed flutist Josué Casillas when combined with the multiple stellar ones on Toccata. Casillas has appeared several times, beginning with his inaugural Tahoe concert in 2006.

“He is a complete joy to work with,” Rawie said.

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